“My Song is My Weapon” is an online town square/communal platform where established artists  and regular joes alike are encouraged to upload their songs, artwork, writing, and videos to express their more political and socially conscious work — from the personal to the global.  We give them a worldwide audience and connect them to like-minded folk for sharing and collaborating.

What Is It?

Imagine a place where like-minded folks across the country can gather, day or night, to create art that speaks directly to social change. Imagine an interactive map, where you can see the locations where people are posting, then click to hear what they have to say. Imagine a tool that lets people instantly connect, share, and create art online, right from their own homes. That’s a platform for the art of social revolution.

Why We Need It

In this truly strange election year, we need more than ever to make sure ordinary people’s voices are heard. Protest songs—from Depression-era Woody Guthrie to today’s Black Lives Matter-inspired hip hop —have always been a vital way to engage citizens and promote social change. will give people the tools to share their socially conscious political art, as well as a way to find each other - not to mention, if done right it will result in some damn good music and art.

How It Started

Singer-songwriter and activist Jill Sobule wrote the song “When They Say We Want Our America Back (What the F*&k Do They Mean?)” as a satirical view of anti-immigration sentiment in the U.S., as well as a challenge to those who claim there’s some idyllic mythical era for us to return to. Over the last year, the song has become a viral hit from exposure on the Huffington Post Show, talk radio, and at the numerous Bernie Sanders rallies where Jill sang the song.

Why Is It Important?

Whenever Jill performs it, people ask her, “Where are all the protest songs?” Yet there’s no shortage of people who have something to say in these divisive times.   ON people will create and share  songs, film, art or poems to highlight issues—whether local or global—that matter to them.   It’s a grassroots collective of artists and creatively-inclined citizens who wish to raise their voices in the face of the toxic rhetoric coming out today’s political landscape. 

How Will We Do It? is staging a fundraiser with the help of to create a multi-artist album, Monster Protest Jamz, Vol 1. with the goal of bringing attention to current concerns and spreading the word about the site. Jill, along with Tom Morello, Jackson Browne, Amanda Palmer, Billy Bragg, Richard Thompson, Wayne Kramer, Steve Earle, Todd Rundgren, John Doe, Boots Riley, Wendy & Lisa, Nada Surf, Margaret Cho (and others) are featured on the exclusive album, Monster Protest Jamz Vol. I.

The Pledge Campaign

The Pledge campaign features exclusive and signed memorabilia from the participating artists. The platform also intends to involve and benefit simpatico non-profits, once it’s marketing goals have been achieved.

America Back